Postponement of National Baseball Championship and Managers Meeting

11 07 2011

After much deliberation and consideration, the Central Executive Committee has decided to postponed the National Baseball Championships, which was originally scheduled to be held from the 27 – 30th of July 2011, to an unspecified date in September 2011. Amongst the reasons for such decisions are shortage of time to properly organize such event and the close proximity of the event to the Muslim;s Holy Month of Ramadhan.

The actual dates in September shall be announced once the Central Executive Committee deliberates again on this matter, scheduled before the Ramadhan month. Initially, the National Baseball Championships shall be used as an evaluation grounds to select new potential players for the Malaysian Baseball Squad (MBS). However, a series of friendly games shall be organized by the Federation to serve this purpose, and such games are to be held before the month of Ramadhan.

The CEC Members made in-charge of such friendlies are  Mr. Mohamad Rosli Abu Bakar (Vice President 3), Mr. Nahar Dato’ Johari (Secretary-General) and Mr. Zahari Hj. Baharum (Executive Secretary), and to be closely monitored by the Federation’s National Team Selection Task Force, of which identities of its members are strictly confidential.

Please be advised.



Nahar Dato’ Johari




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