MSN-BFA-BFM National Baseball Coaching Clinic

6 07 2011

From the 20th – 25th of June 2011 recently, the Federation along side with the Majlis Sukan Negara (National Sports Council of Malaysia) and the Baseball Federation of Asia, organized the National Baseball Coaching Clinic, held at the National Sports Complex in Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur. A total of 23 participants from various states in Malaysia were selected to under-go the 6-day Coaching Clinic, in the Federation’s initiative of standardizing the format of baseball coaching modules, as well as to identify probable candidates for the National Baseball Coaching Group.

The Clinic, facilitated by Mr. Kim Jung-Soo (selected and sent by the Baseball Federation of Asia) departed an array of valuable information on Baseball Coaching Techniques and Methodologies. Mr. Kim, a former professional baseball player and Coach for the Lotte Giants of Busan , South Korea, and now spearheading the Baseball Coaching Staff of Dong-Eui University of Busan, South Korea, shared with the participants, the primary and secondary fundamental and technical aspects of Baseball from a Coaching perspective.

The Clinic started with a small-key Opening Ceremony, graced by BFM’s President YBhg Dato’ Noh Abdullah and attended by BFM’s Vice President En. Mohamad Rosli Abu Bakar, Secretary-General En. Nahar Dato’ Johari, Treasurer Tuan Haji Mohd. Lazim Hamid and Executive-Secretary En. Zahari Hj. Baharum.

Throughout the Clinic, participants were exposed to theory and practical lessons, ranging from Baseball Rules & Regulations to Sports Safety. As Mr. Kim was not fluent in speaking English, the Federation engaged a Korean Language Expert, Miss Bae Hyo Jin to be the official on-site translator (she was referred to us by the South Korean Embassy and the Korean Society of Malaysia). On day 2, Dato’ Dr. Ramlan Abdul Aziz, the Director-General of National Sports Institute of Malaysia, visited the practical session and observed how the Coaching Clinic was conducted. On the second last day, participants were evaluated with an Examination, comprising of 25 both subjective and objective questions. (Results of the Examination is listed below).

For the Closing Ceremony, YBhg Datuk Zolkples Embong, the Director-General of the National Sports Council of Malaysia, was kind enough to grace the ceremony and handed Completion Certificates to all participants. In his closing speech, Datuk Zolkples mentioned that he himself is a big fan of the New York Yankees (MLB team in the US) and his favourite player is Derek Jeter (plays Shortstop for NY Yankees). He also commended the Federation and the BFA’s efforts of creating a standardized National Baseball Coaching entity, that would oversee the overall development of baseball throughout Malaysia, especially in schools and varsities.

With the success of this Coaching Clinic, BFM intends to hold a Level-2 Coaching Clinic in 2012. This installment would expose participants to a more intermediate level of baseball fundamental and technical coaching. However, participants are limited to those who have successfully completed and passed the Level-1 Coaching Clinic. With this criterium, BFM hopes to establish and create quality line of baseball coaches, ready, willing and able to serve the baseball community as it develops.

Baseball Federation of Malaysia



No. Name Association/Club/Institution Score (%) Status
1 Mohamad Rosli Abu Bakar KLBA 100 Qualify for Level-2
2 Faizal Amini Mohd. Yunus Patriots Baseball Club 100 Qualify for Level-2
3 Mohd. Isa Mohd Nor KLBA 100 Qualify for Level-2
4 David Sakamoto Patriots Baseball Club 100 Qualify for Level-2
5 Winson Low Wui Yong Aces Baseball Club 96 Qualify for Level-2
6 Nor Azan Mat Sarip Selangor Baseball Association 93 Qualify for Level-2
7 Hirwan Jasbir Jaafar Perlis Baseball Association 91 Qualify for Level-2
8 Mohd. Fahmi Zakaria Perlis Baseball Association 90 Qualify for Level-2
9 Normala Mohd Yahya Perlis State Education Dept 89 Qualify for Level-2
10 Muhammad Fuad Sayudin Stars Baseball Club 87 Qualify for Level-2
11 Hazrin Jahidi Jaafar Perlis Baseball Association 86 Qualify for Level-2
12 YM Raja Ismail Raja Lope Ahmad Sabah Baseball Association 85 Qualify for Level-2
13 Zali Abdul Rahman Johor Baseball Association 85 Qualify for Level-2
14 Alex Chu Chin Siang Miri Baseball Club 84 Qualify for Level-2
15 Nor Mutasha Ariffin Universiti Malaysia Perlis 83 Qualify for Level-2
16 Mohd. Nasir Othman Perlis State Education Dept 83 Qualify for Level-2
17 Mohd. Rashidin Kangar Baseball Club 81 Qualify for Level-2
18 Justin Ham Kok Keong KLBA 80 Qualify for Level-2
19 Awang Kamarularifeen Sabah State Education Dept 77 Qualify for Level-2
20 Ramlee Ismail Johor Baseball Association 77 Qualify for Level-2
21 Lai Chou Yien Miri Baseball Club 74 Pending
22 Jemmy Wong Miri Baseball Club 74 Pending
23 Mohd. Akhir Bakar Perlis State Education Dept 71 Pending



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