NABACORI Registration

22 04 2011

As mentioned before in previous posting, BFM is exercising the NABACORI (National Baseball Coaches Registration Initiatives) aimed at creating a comprehensive nation-wide baseball coaches database. This initiative would enhance the baseball coaching standards by improving communications between BFM and the coaches, as well as to create a proper channel in knowledge and information channelling.

As at the time of this posting, we’ve listed 23 individuals, mostly from the Klang Valley region, as interested participants of the program, and out of that, only 2 came through from the previous announcement posted on this website. BFM is confident that there may be more individuals, especially of those outside Klang Valley, are interested to participate as well, thus we’re making a Second Calling for registration.

As indicated on our Calendar Page, BFM has set various development programs for coaches, umpires and scorers for 2011, thus until BFM is convinced that the outreach has achieved its audience target, these programs may be put on hold. Thus we seek your kind cooperation, the treasured readers and visitors of BFM’s website, to pass on this invaluable information to those you feel may be interested with the installed programs.

The success of implementation in the program is not just in the hands of BFM, but also on those who help distribute the information, as well as the supportive general baseball fraternity of Malaysia in general.

Thank you





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