National Baseball Coaching Registration Initiative

11 01 2011

For the first time in BFM’s history, the Executive Committee mandated a National Baseball Coaching Registration Initiative (NABACORI) aimed at collecting and standardizing information on Baseball coaches in Malaysia. The objective and purpose of NABACORI is to path an easier way for future development of Malaysian Baseball coaches, through courses, training, certifications and licensing. Soon, only registered Baseball Coaches will be allowed to train, develop and coach Baseball teams of all levels in Malaysia. This is to ensure that the correct knowledge and technical information are being passed down to Malaysians.

The NABACORI is BFM’s first step towards elevating the Malaysian Baseball coaching standards, by way of collaboration with various Baseball authorities within this region, namely (but not limited to):

  • The ongoing negotiations BFM and WASEDA University of Japan in obtaining professional Japanese Baseball Coaches for a minimum period of 2 years, aimed at developing local coaches.
  • Tie-up with MSN (Majlis Sukan Negara) and ISN (Institut Sukan Negara) in formatting a National Baseball Coaching Standards & Manual
  • Baseball coaching & umpiring Short courses jointly organized by BFM and BFA (Baseball Federation of Asia).
  • Establishment of the National Baseball Coaches Database

Thus, for all existing and aspiring Malaysian Baseball coaches, we invite you to send in your full CV, depicting your interest and experience in Baseball (or softball), to the following e-mail address:

Towards creating a better Baseball future in Malaysia!!

Nahar Dato’ Johari




2 responses

17 04 2011
Mohd Nur Rashidi Mohd Saffer

good and excelent effort guyzz, would like to take part in the program

17 04 2011
Financial Sith Lord

En. Mohd Nur Rashidi, thank you for your kind interest. To participate, please send us an email, officially mentioning that you are interested to participate in the NABACORI, and include the following details:-
1) Full name
2) NRIC Number
3) Full Address
4) Mobile Number
5) E-mail address
6) Baseball/Softball playing &/or coaching experience(s)
7) A summary of why you want to participate in the NABACORI program.

Please submit these details the soonest possible as we’re at the last stage of Pre-Launching the NABACORI program.

Thank you


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